Post Up
A Multi-Tool for Internet Activism

Post Up is a generative and educational tool. It provides a set of creative generators for teenagers (age group between 13-17) that utilizes social media and other digital platforms for the sole purpose of social awareness and internet activism. Internet activism, or online protesting, is a method of making social activism more accessible through digital means like social media, text, and emails, and enables faster and more effective communications.

Post Up helps teens get their voices heard, and actions are seen. Post Up educates them about what activism looked like in the past and helps them visualize how they can contribute now.

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Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, UI/UX, Illustration, Motion – Tracy Thanh Tran
Motion Assistance – Minjoo Cho
Mentors  – Michael Worthington, Yasmin Khan

"Learn" is a learning section where teenagers can learn and engage with visual language and protest motifs. Users can hover above words or images to see the relationship. Users can also learn about activism through the years, what that looked like, and learn about the different possibilities for users to achieve their design vision.

The “Create” Tool allows users to have access to three generators: a poster generator, a social media post generator, and a sticker generator. Users can design their own protest poster for any march or school event, or create digital posts for social media or upload on digital interactive screens, or create iMessage stickers for text campaigns.

On Post Up, users can create and use stickers as iMessage stickers or reaction stickers. Post Up iMessage stickers are used to liven up text messages. In order to have access to any Post Up Stickers, you must download the app. When you download the app, any stickers you’ve made will be automatically installed and loaded into your phone.

On Post Up, when you view someone else’s design, instead of comments, you can stick stickers as a form of reaction, to the background of the interface. You can use Post Up stickers, or post your own! User can stick stickers to the background, and it will never interfere with the text or the design. And if it gets too crazy … at the bottom right corner, users can turn the sticker-view off.

Mobile Experience

The creative tool is similar to the site’s “create” function, but it focuses only on digital postings. In the app, there are plenty of design templates so users can quickly change the text, and replace images for a more customized post. Afterward, users have the opportunity to save the design to their phone, email it, text it, or directly post it on social media.

Users can swipe left and right to view designs and have the opportunity to like and share them. Users can filter it by “Popular”, “Nearby” and “What’s New” which allows them to view issues happening around them locally and broadly.

Post Up utilizes digital screens for their users to get information and content out faster in public spaces like bus shelters and mall displays.

Post Up screens are in selected cities, and users will have an AR experience where the app will scan and determine if the digital display is compatible and bring forth your designs that are compatible with that specific screen (which is based on dimension ratios). And all you have to do is swipe your design up, or stick a sticker to react to an existing post, press confirm on the digital screen, and it’s set! This helps Post Up users to get their voices heard in public spaces interactively and quickly.

The Locator finds Post Up Screens in your area, and it also locates the location of the designs you have posted up previously.

Tracy Thanh Tran
Los Angeles, Calif.