This is a type specimen booklet is for the typeface, Odile, and it is accompanied with the fantasy tale of “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”. Odile is a contemporary display serif typeface inspired by William Addison Dwiggins’ works. It’s a wonderful hybrid of adorned basic shapes with a luscious palette of alternates, calligraphic swashes and fancy ligatures. Odile has six weights with interesting italic styles, a pair of initial caps fonts, an upright italic and a set of alluring and illustrative ornaments. This typeface definitely has its vintage charm and energy with distinctive features. Odile’s characteristics range from a delicate light texture all the way to a stark heavy black. Odile’s type designer, Sibylle Hagmann, a Swiss-born then Californian since the 1990's, and continued her graphic design studies at CalArts. As a type designer, she has also designed: Cholla, Elido and Axia.

Odile & Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland           
Type Specimen Book

Dimmensions: 7.25 in.’ x 10.75 in.”
Year: 2017


Tracy Thanh Tran
Los Angeles, Calif.