“Although we may come from different countries and different cultures, we are united and driven by one hope to find a place to call home.”

Mosaic’s philosophy:

Mosaic is a united sanctuary, dedicated for those who seek a new beginning and who’s come from war-ridden countries, or those who have been displaced from their homes due to violence, endangerment, and natural disasters.

Mosaic reenvisions a nation of opportunity, and visualize a country that focuses on community growth and sustainability. Mosaic is built off the foundational idea that everyone is committed to an anti-racist life and that relationships can build and grow beyond skin color and acknowledge the contents of their character.

Essentially, Mosaic’s society is culturally diverse, pluralistic, and “super-diverse” (“On Super-Diversity: Reflections 02”, Tariq Ramada). Super-diversity has to do with human diversity but also asserting this diversity as a fundamental positive of our well-being and peaceful future. 

The country’s aspirations are to create a sense of belongingness, a place of unity, new opportunities, a new beginning, a safe haven, but also be a place to preserve one’s heritage, culture, and self-identity. Mosaic wants to redefine what it means to be a refugee and remove its negative stigmas. Mosaic’s belief is that all men are created equal and that all of their differences should be celebrated. The diverse nature of the nation is what keeps the country and the people strong and united.

Identity for a fictional nation, and welcoming guide booklet
Year: 2018

Mosaic is an identity project for a hypothetical nation/country. For this project, I designed an identity, logo, passport, identification card, currency, and a welcome guide booklet.

Tracy Thanh Tran
Los Angeles, Calif.