#MeToo is a trending hashtag that was meant to give a sense of magnitude of men and women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed. The hashtag movement gave voices to the fray and acknowledged an ongoing issue. Let’s never forget to stand with those who have suffered in silence or those who continue to suffer. Let’s change the way people think about and respond to sexual and domestic violence

For this self-initiated project, the poster is to give comfort, validation, and help to survivors. These posters belong to a series meant to encourage individuals to find help for themselves and others. The series is focused on engagement with a larger audience to reinforce positive change by combatting negative stigmas.

The images used are found images that reflect the ongoing topics of woman empowerment and human trauma. Within this piece, there are images taken from the Women’s March, and tweets from the #MeToo Movement.
Me Too           
Dimmensions: 11 in.’ x 17 in.”
Year: 2017

Tracy Thanh Tran
Los Angeles, Calif.