Design Dialogue is a undergraduate senior thesis project (2016) that reflects my own creative process. It visually highlights and addresses certain design principles, as well as uses design vernacular language, and references iconography through the representation and rendering of certain tools, (such as the pen tool and type tool). This series capture themes that are centered around typography, composition, color theory, as well as the developmental process of concepts and ideas through research and observation.

Each digital illustration was printed at a large scale (78 in.' x 44 in.") on a roll of Epson Paper (44 in.' x 100 ft.") in Ultra Premium Archival Luster. These four prints were then displayed together along a wall at the Barbara and Art Culver Center of Arts in Riverside, California. 

The student exhibition, "IS IT OVER: UCR Senior Exhibition", was up from May 21st to June 11th and consisted of a variety of artists..
Design Dialogue           
Dimmensions: 78 in.’ x 44 in.”
Year: 2016

Tracy Thanh Tran
Los Angeles, Calif.